Monday, December 10, 2012

I almost had a good reason to wake up at 5:30

Yeah so I woke up at 5:30 this morning so I could go jogging at 6. I woke up thirty minutes early to get dressed and wake up, etc. At six o'clock I went jogging. It was so dark I could hardly see the road to put my foot on. I was doing pretty good for about 10 minutes untill I looked up at the sky.....lightning flashes. Not like giant blazing flashes of lightning, just like baby flashes. But it was enough. I could tell it had rained that night because the ground had puddles and the porch was wet. It took me forever to decide if I should keep jogging or go inside. I decided to go inside just incase, I didn't really feel like turning into human bar b q. yeah, I always so lightning would be a nasty way to go. Anyway, I waited for it to get worse....and it didn't. Then My brother woke up and I hate jogging when I know people might be able to see me. so jogging is out for the rest of the day. But I will try again tomorrow, no I will jog tomorrow. i have a lot of stretching,exercises, and practicing gym planned for today so that should all be good.

what do you think...I should I have kept jogging or was itsmart to stop?


  1. I think it was smart to stop.
    It was lightning like crazy last night!

  2. Oh it was smart!!
    I would like to keep my cousin little longer! ;-D
    Satan always seems to put a roadblock when we want to start exercising or doing school, doesn't he?
    Maybe you should pray for good exercising days!