Monday, November 5, 2012

My Back Stretches

Here are some pictures of me doing a few of my back stretches. My back is not very flexible at all so I have a lot of work to do. But I am working on it because I really want my back to be super flexible. I do more back stretches then these but i do them so badly I didn't want the pictures on the internet. haha. Anyway, if you can think of anymore stretches I can do for my back let me know!

This is just a regular Bridge. I start with my hands way out there then I slowly walk them towards my feet.
 This is just a different from of a bridge, but this one is harder and hurts more. (=

Another kind of bridge, it hurts

I have no idea what this is called but it works

then I just bend my legs. (my hips should be up more)

First I put my hands on my ankles, like in the picture, then I put them at my knees and sometimes I reach back and put them on the ground.
The Mermaid Stretch. (my feet should be together)

I just cannot close that stupid gap

Another form of the mermaid stretch on I am pushing on a wall which increases the streatch, and the pain! (my feet should be together)

I do backbends down the wall that way I can on myself in different positions of a backbend to stretch it longer. As I get better my will do this with my feet closer to the wall

Then I walk it all the way down (elbows should be locked)

Usually I can touch my head to my foot, but my back wasn't stretched out enough then (because There is another stretch I do before this one that stretches my back enough to do this but I couldn't do it because no one wanted to help me) anyway, I call this the Wall Scorpian.
I am trying to get a Scorpian. (its a cheer move, I am also trying to get a Needle, and a Bow and Arrow)

Wall Splits!

So yeah, I do more then just those. I am going to keep stretching and when I get better I am going to post more pictures so I can see the difference. If you think of anymore for me to do tell me!


  1. You look flexible!
    I don't know any to tell you.
    How often do you stretch?
    I used to stretch about 5 times a week, but my ankle is still hurt and I have been off ballet for about a month!
    It's killing me!

  2. I try to stretch everyday, if for some reason i miss a day I try and not miss another that week. So I try to stretch seven days a week but that doesn't always work

  3. Wow! I like your stretches! You listed some I've never done! Thanks for the ideas :) back flexibility is something I have really been working on as well so it's cool to see someone else working the same stuff! One thing you can do is if you have like a counter or something in your house you can put your foot up on top of the counter but where your body is facing away from the counter then while trying to keep both leggs straight lean back towards the counter as far as you can :) Hope that makes sense/helps!

  4. thanks Abigail! that stretch sounds really good.
    you should post some pictures on your blog of stretches.

  5. Your doing really good!!!
    I don't have any info to give. =(
    That last picture looks so cool!

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