Saturday, October 20, 2012

20 Days of Gymnastics

Day 1: Favorite Gymnast
Day 2: Ugliest leotard youv'e ever seen
Day 3: Best Leotard youv'e ever seen
Day 4: Favorite skill to watch on beam
Day 5: Favorite skill to watch on bars
Day 6: Favorite skill to watch on floor
Day 7: Favorite vault to watch
Day 8: Which Gymnast shows the most personality
Day 9: Who is the Diva
Day 10: Favorite Team to root for
Day 11: Who is the most overrated gymnast
Day 12: Who is the most underrated gymnast
Day 13: Best mount on beam you have seen
Day 14: A gymnast you just don't like
Day 15: A rule you would change about the sport
Day 16: Dream teamm of 6 gymnastsDay 17: The current system or the perfect 10
Day 18: Favorite floor music that has been used
Day 19: Elite or NCAA?
Day 20: When and Why did you start Gymnastics?

Kyla Ross
She was on the Olympic Team this year but I still thin she is underrated. She is so amazing but people don't pay as much attention to her as they do they other fierce five. I mean she won a Gold Medal in the Olympics! but no one knows the poor girls name. Kyla rocks and should be just as known as Jordyn or Gabby

Rebecca Bross
Becca was like one of THE top gymnasts for a long time, she was winning medals, people were expecting her to go all the way to the Olympic All-rounds....untill she hurt herself. She was vaulting and land wrong and messed up her leg. She kept training and tried for a comeback but didn't make it. Still she is amazing and everyone just kinda forgot about her, within just a few short seconds the spotlight was completly taken away from her....come on people, don't leave Becca in the dark. She rocks.

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