Saturday, September 1, 2012

Girl Things

I love these pictures. I got them off pinterest and tumblr.
I have more! lol

I always have to have someone braid my hair! It feels good!

I don't have this problem with makeup but with like everything else!
I love skinny jeans! I love them even more when they are colored.

The best breakfasts are pretty ones.

I love these shoes so much.

Who doesn't want to live in London?!

I love Romantic Comedies.....but this was close enough

Mermaid hair would rock!
I am so in love with these shoes!

My favorite kind of dog! beautiful!
you just want the book to continue for forever!

I love socks but I lose them all the time!

Best Movie Ever!


  1. Great post Angelica! Pretty breakfasts and Tom's shoes....yes :)

  2. That's funny! I can relate to some of the fancy breakfast and the sox! I just got a lot of new sox for my b-day!
    Sorry, but that is an ugley dog. Maybe some how cute...but not near beautiful.

  3. okay, totally wish I had mermaid hair!!! I NEVER want to return to reality after a good book and I ALWAYS overpack. lol