Sunday, September 30, 2012

20 Days of Gymnastics

I am going to do this thing I found on Tumblr. Where you answer one question about gymnastics once a day. I am going to start from the bottom up because thats what most of the people in tumblr did. Here goes!

20 Days of Gymnastics
Day 1: Favorite Gymnast
Day 2: Ugliest leotard youv'e ever seen
Day 3: Best Leotard youv'e ever seen
Day 4: Favorite skill to watch on beam
Day 5: Favorite skill to watch on bars
Day 6: Favorite skill to watch on floor
Day 7: Favorite vault to watch
Day 8: Which Gymnast shows the most personality
Day 9: Who is the Diva
Day 10: Favorite Team to root for
Day 11: Who is the most overrated gymnast
Day 12: Who is the most underrated gymnast
Day 13: Best mount on beam you have seen
Day 14: A gymnast you just don't like
Day 15: A rule you would change about the sport
Day 16: Dream team of 6 gymnasts
Day 17: The current system or the perfect 10
Day 18: Favorite floor music that has been used
Day 19: Elite or NCAA
Day 20: When and Why did you start Gymnastics?

I started watching gymnastics in 2008. I know I watched the womens team competition but I don't remember watching it. It was the All-Around competition that got me to love this sport. It took me a little while to start following it like a pro (LOL) and to understand everything and know all the gymnasts, etc. Why did I watch it? Because I was Olympic obbessed and it was on tv. So glad I loved watching sports and found gymnastics!

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  1. Sounds fun!
    I was thinking about doing a 30 day blog challenge thing I found!