Saturday, August 11, 2012

Usain Bolt

This man......this man drives me insane! He is so cocky, so full of himself. I can't stand it.
Yes he is the best but you don't have to be so full of yourself and and rub it in...i don't know. He just drives me nuts. I hope, I wish, that in 2016 or before someone will beat him so bad it will shut his mouth forever. Just can't wait for the day when someone shows him up so bad he will never get over the humiliation. I mean the man is calling himself a legend! Other people can acall you a legend but you can't.

Amazing athlete but way to big of an ego.


  1. He has a right to be Cocky! As good as he is!
    If I was that good you bet I'd be that Cocky! (JK!)
    One of the best Olympians!

  2. i didn't think he was that full of himself...maybe i haven't seen as much though! i thought that he deserved to be all that he was, and i'd ben annoyed if some one tried to outrun him next week! i do not have a problem with him at all :D

  3. I love watching him run just because he is a great athlete.
    You can be a little yeah I am good but calling yourself a legend...

    I mean Michael Phelps has been called the Worlds Greatest Olympian and you don't hear him comparing himself to people like Muhammad Ali or Bruce Lee or someone

  4. Hahahaha wow this post made me laugh! I totally get what you're saying...although I find that all the runners are like that...He is probs the worst with being cocky cos he is the best in the world! I rekon it's just all part of what they do! :P And i spose if all you did for your life was run and train..and then you finally became the best in the world wouldn't you sorta have to be up yourself??!! :P