Sunday, August 12, 2012

Olympic Medals and Mascots

Here is a look at the different medals from the different years. Which one is your favorite?

2012 medals

2008 Medal

2010 Medal

2004 Medal. look how small it looks

2006 Medal

2002 Medal

2000 Medal

1996 Medal

1984 Medal ( couldn't find a good one with the ribbon attached)

MASCOTS (I am not a fan of any of the mascots)

2008 Mascots. Kinda a creepy cute

I think this is 2000 moscots.  kinda cute but maybe a little to cute for the olympics

This years Mascots......what are they? they are strange looks like something a kid would draw

2010 mascots. they are cute but to cute for the olympics. They look like they should have their on show on Nick Jr.

This one is the worst! what were we thinking...why Atlanta...why?


  1. My favorite medals are 2010 and 2006.
    My favorite mascot is the 2010 one!
    The panda is okay on the first one, but that wouldn't make me think of olympics. =)
    Are the 2012 ones supposed to be floating?

  2. I like the 2006 one a lot!
    I didn't even know the olympics had mascots!
    I don't really like any of them.