Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Modcloth vs. Shop Ruche

I love both!
A lot of people have been taling about Modcloth so I decided to do a modcloth vs shop ruche post.
Which do you like better? They are both super cute (in really annoying voice, haha jon)
Modcloth first


I like this a lot

I hate modcloth models. They seem so fake. this dress is ok.

I like the different patterns on this dress

Holy Red Hot Pants! haha, i love em


again, model gets on my nerves, fabric looks a little cheep, and I ahte the orange socks

This shoe rocks!

This is really cute but the model could lose the tattoo


First things first. This model is gorgeous! And I love her hair. Ruche has great models.

I love this out fit! I would so wear it!

This is really pretty but I don't think the shirt is something I would wear.

I love this. Love the color, and the flower.

This is ok

I am in love with this ourfit! I want it so bad! super super adorable!

This is really really pretty. The guys outfits is good to!

I like the pink pants

I love these shoes, they are a map of the world

So, which do you like better? Modcloth or Shop Ruche?
I like Shop Ruche better. if you still can't choose go to the two websites and look some more.
Shop Ruche even has weddings dresses!


  1. I LOVE ModCloth but I've never been to Shop Ruche before, I'll have to go to their website before I deside!

  2. Wow! I've never heard of Shop Ruche! Thanks now I have another website to get addicted to! ;) Haha...I don't know which I like better!

  3. I had never heard of Shop Ruche before, and it has some cute stuff!
    But I like modcloth better, for now!
    I like those map shoes!
    And in the picture of the girl looking in her bag I love those shoes too!

  4. I can't ever decide which I like.. they're both so cute! :)

  5. Well, I like Shop Ruche better. At least from what i've seen here.