Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sibling Actors and Actresses

Ever realized how many sibling actors there are? There are tons! Here is a list....there were so many more. Who else can you think of?

1. The Hemsworth brothers.

                                                                 Luke Hemsworth

                                                                 Chris Hemsworth

                                                                Liam Hemsworth

2. The Breslin Siblings!

                                                                Spencer Breslin

Abigail Breslin

3. The Cusack Siblings!

                                                                    Joan Cusack

                                                                    John Cusack

4.  The Affleck brothers

                                                                 Ben Affleck                                                                 

Casey Affleck

5. the Gyllenhaal siblings

                                                                Jake Gyllenhaal

                                                                       Maggie Gyllenhaal

6. the Fanning sisters

                                                                    Dakota Fanning

                                                                            Elle Fanning

7. The Cameron siblings

                                                                   Kirk Cameron

                                                                    Candace Cameron

8. the Gilbert siblings
                                                                   Jonathan Gilbert

                                                                  Melissa Gilbert

9. the Deschanel sisters!!

                                                                  Zooey Deschanel (coolest person ever)

                                                                   Emily Deschanel

10. the Fontaine/de Havillan sisters!

                                                                  Joan Fontaine (better then her sister)

                                                                  Olivia de Havillend

11. the Van Dyke brothers

                                                                   Dick Van Dyke

                                                                      Jerry Van Dyke

12. the Olsen Twins

                                                             Mary-Kate Olsen

                                                           Ashley Olsen

13.  Osment Siblings

                                                                 Haley Joel Osment

                                                                   Emily Osment

14. the Phoenix siblings
                                                                       River Phoenix

                                                                   Joaquin Phoenix

                                                                  Summer Phoenix

                                                                      Rain Phoenix

15. the Roberts siblings

Julia Roberts

                                                                          Eric Roberts

16. the Stiller Siblings
                                                                 Ben Stiller

                                                                           Amy Stiller

17. the Belushi brothers

                                                                   John Belushi

                                                                      James Belushi

18. the Wilson brothers!

                                                                Owen Wilson

                                                                     Luke Wilson

again lots more, who can u think of?


  1. Wow! I never realized that there was SO many!
    I think my favorites might be the Van Dyke brothers!
    I can't think of any that you missed. (btw I like Olivia de Havillend better than Joan Fontaine.)
    What parent names their children "River" and "Rain?"
    I like the name "Summer" though.

  2. I would name my kids Rain and River! I love all four of the Phoenix's names. I'm not crazy about "Summer". I like "River", "Rain", and "Joaquin" better.

    I forgot the Marx brothers!

    How many of the newer people do you know?
    who is your fav out of them? least fav?

  3. Joaquin Phoenix Real Name Is Leaf... What About The Lawrence Brothers .. Joey ,, Matthew & Andrew You Also Forgot Sara Gilbert