Friday, April 27, 2012

Nightmare Come True

One of my worst nightamres came true the other day.
(no i did not turn 90, and no I didn't die from brain eating amoeba)
Last Wednesday I went to the orthodontist. I was suppossed to get my braces off.
The entire month of april I have been worried something would go wrong and I would have to keep them on longer. Well guess what. I do have to keep them on longer.
Maybe two months longer! When he told me my stomach dropped and I didn't say anything. I didn't want to say what I was thinking so I kept my mouth shut and acted like it was fine. UGH!
Two more months of braces when they are supposed to be gone already!
Oh well, nothing i can do about it. Just had to complain. lol



  1. Oh that's terrible... =(
    Just be glad it wasn't a "year" more.=)

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  3. Hah. I didn't know your fear was having your brain eaten by an amoeba. I.Must.Remember.This.

  4. Oh juliana your mean! ;-D LOL!
    Oh Angelica HOW AWFUL!!
    I'm so sorry!!

  5. because he over rotated a tooth.
    you cant even tell lol