Sunday, April 1, 2012

Disney Princes

This is a list of my favorite Disney Prince to my least favorite Disney Prince.
Comment and tell your order.

1. Flynn Rider
played by Zachary Levi

2. John Smith
played by Mel Gibson (does he count?)

3. Prince Eric
Played by Christopher Daniel Barnes (he is actually tied for #2)
"The Little Mermaid"

4. Prince Phillip
Played by Bill Shirley
"Sleeping Beauty"

5. Prince Charming
Played by Mike Douglas

6. Beast or Bob
Played by Robby Benson
"Beauty and the Beast"

Played by Harry Stockwell
"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

Princess list next!


  1. I don't know my order but I think my favorite is Prince Philip (Bill Shirley! One of my very favorite singers!)

  2. I think I like: Philip, "Prince Charming", Prince Charlie(? is that his name???), Flynn Rider (if you can call him a prince), then I guess the "beast."
    Great Idea for a post!

  3. I just call him Prince Charlie...does he have a name?
    I call Beast Bob because the guy who played him in the play at Center Stages name was Bob.

    Flynn is a Prince. At the end they say they get married

  4. I like Philip and Flyn is very funny!
    I like the Beast but not so much the prince he turned into.

  5. If Flynn is a prince wich he is (and the best might I ad) then why isn't Aladdin on here?! he is much better Philip or Charlie in my books. =)

  6. P.S. you have the first three right! haha

  7. My favorite Disney Character has always been Prince Phillip (Bill Shirley)

    Can I ask you if you dislike Donny Osmond? Why is he not pictured as singing voice of Li Shang in Mulan?