Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Ok, so like I found this new style that I am in love with. Its called Indie.
I want to be Indie so bad....but not totally indie because some are all like "you can't watch popular movies or listen to popular music, etc." Yeah. I really like Indie style but I still love other
styles too. Here is a look at Indie.

Indies like accessories.
They like head wrapes a lot. You could wear some like a simple thin braided rope OR

A Head wrap more like this.

They also like scarves...any kind is good
Simple pretty earrings
You could also wear feather earrings, or something bigger and a little more out there.

A ring that is a little different

You could wear a simple or necklace or you could wear a whole lot of big necklaces
Indies like a lot of bracelets.
Indie fashion is very different, cute, and important. Here are a few indie clothes.
This is quite so indie but like if you were going somewhere really nice you could wear this.

This is like, playing it safe indie....kinda boring

Indie shoes

Indie clothing for women is a little weird but I love it!

Indies like skinny jeans

Baggy pants like these can be indie too. You just have to be brave to wear them.Ok, this lady is the Indie of all Indies. I would kill to have all of her clothes.
She dresses amazing. She is...Zooey Deschanel!
A little short but cute huh?
Super simple white dress

Jacket and tie
I love it! I would kill to dress like her!
Cute!Ok ok, I could go on and on and on with zooey deschanel clothes but I'll stop here.
Indies like to take strange pictures like these............

Indie hair can either be crazy or super simple. most prefer simple.

Lots of indies have long natural hair

Bangs are very indie

Guys can have different looks too
a little shaggy

or short
or like this
Indie things
Drinking coffee and hanging out at coffee shops is very indie
Indies care a lot about saving animals

Save the Planet...its very indie
A lot of vegans and vegetarians are indie, same the other way around
Music is very important to indies. They prefer music that is less known. I like both popular and
Indie music. Here are some Indie singers.
Steve Moakler

Ingrid Michaelson
The Honey Trees

Joe Brooks
Matt Nathanson
Mindy Gledhill
JJ Heller
Regina Spektor
and the Indie of all indies

don't you just love indie?


  1. WOW! that's a super long post!
    I like some of those things like: the bycicle ring, the shoes, the yellow and the red dresses, the pictures with the bubbles and the hearts, and the girl with the long curly brown hair! If you want to be Indie, then you might not want to cut your hair.. huh? =P

  2. I love the yellow dress! :) very cute...
    I love the last hair pic of the girls...

  3. Ok Susannah i won't cut my hair....I'll just get dreadlocks. hows that?

  4. I like most of this stuff!
    Really cool! The Music and Clothes are cool too!
    I love the pic with the guy sitting in the purple chair!
    The guy in the light gray suit looks somthing like Jerry Lewis! =P