Thursday, March 8, 2012


These two guys are considered to be the best ballet dancers in the world.
My mouth dropped opened several times when I was watching these videos. what they do is incredible. I wish I could do all that stuff.
They are amazing and I can't choose who I like better.
Who do you like better?



  1. I <3 ballet so much!!!!!!! I have a friend who's family (8 kids) all do ballet almost! And another friend who does ballet. I used to do it... but when I was 6 I had to stop because it was to much going on.

    I also <3 the videos!

  2. Mikhail is better no matter what anyone says. =)

  3. Juliana you can't vote. you have never seen Rudolf dance!

    I wish I could do ballet Mary Grace.
    if you could start again would you?