Friday, February 17, 2012

Tag Post

I was tag posted by my Cousin Susannah (
I had to post 10 things I plan to do this year and 10 things I have done this year.

So, these ten things that I plan to do this year, some or not my top ten but I just wanted to post them. So here goes.

1. I want to be a better cook this year...I am awful!

2. I want to write a fantasy/action matter how stupid it is.

7. learn to dance
8. become more flexibile (mostly hoping for back fleixibility)


  1. Great list!
    What are you talking about, You're a great cook!
    OW! That 8th picture looks painful! It would be fun if I could do it though! =)
    Is that a picture of the baby you're babysitting or is it a photo off the enternet?

  2. I am an awful cook!
    no, that is a picture I got of the internet. The baby I babysit is much cuter!

  3. I SO <3 Marvel!!! Or at leas the movies. :) I've always wanted to do gymnastics. I'm flexible enough but mom says we don't have the time. So I just did ballet because ballet requires some flexibility... unfortunately I had to stop.... :(