Sunday, January 8, 2012


I LOVE NAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Names are extremely important. I think names should be unique.
I am always trying to come up with names. Some people think they are weird...well...almost everybody thinks they are weird. But I like weird. Not all names I like are diferent...I do like some normal names. Here is my LONG list of boy and girl names.

Girl Names:

1. Natalie Nichole
2. Gwyneth Anne
3. Bristol Kadence
4. Shiloh Faith
5. Zahara Yale
6. Willow Saide
7. Drew Elaine
8. Airen Suvannah
9. Myka Noelle
10. Kile Ashalee
11. Suri Joley
12. Adrian Sydni Lee
13. Sailor Payne
14. Poet Morane
15. Pepper Brooke
16. Pipper Bree
17. Yvette Leach Claire
18. Adele (no middle name yet)
19. Chantal Maree-on (pronounced mary-on)
20. Brooklyn Day
21. Jazzmine (Jazz) Arizona
22. Natalia Sophia
23. Sistin Marie
24. Grayslen Paisley
25. Chasity Carson
26. Rege Amara
27. Trooper Morgan

Boy Names:

1. Hayden Christopher
2. Eli Harrison
3. Jesse Brandon
4. Alexander Sasha
5. Ramond Keeler
6. Steven Irwin Terrance
7. Dorrin Chad
8. Knox Palmer Leon
9. Topher Mason
10. Declan Ridley
11. Trajan Isaac
12. Indiana August
13. Maddox Acton
14. Bronx Elijah
15. Prince Braxton
16. Caige Vendel
17. Cillian Tyler
18. Donatello Peter
19. Leonardo Alexa
20. Lorenzo William
21. Laertes Daylor
22. Ferris Brayden
23. Judah Mavin
24. Orlando Jude
25. Skandar Luke
26. Mikhail Rudolf
27. Niccoli Rebel
28. Seargoh Grey
29. Garamen Haroe
30. McCartney Lewis
31. Riker Blaine
32. Callum Quade

There are a few names I am considering taking off and replacing with other names.
Like, I might take of the name Maddox and use the name Damon instead.

Well, which is your favorite Normal girl and guy name?
Which is your favorite strange girl and guy name?
Which name do you think sounds the best with the middle name?
Which is your least favorite girl and guy name?


  1. I like alot of those names, but some of them.
    I don't know which girl name I like best. I think I like Willow Saide and Adele alot. I don't really like Poet, Trooper or Pepper.
    Out of the boy names I think my favorite is Eli Harrison, and I don't like Topher or Knox (I think you already knew that though. =) )
    Fun! I might make a list of names I like too!
    I probably won't be as long as your's though.

  2. (oops on the first sentence It's supposed to say: "I like alot of those names, but I don't like some of them."
    and the last line is supposed to say: "It probably...ect..!)

  3. Ha, I love Shiloh Faith and Myka Noelle. I also like Pepper and Brooklyn. um... boy names. I kinda like Topher Mason and Hayden Christopher.
    Most of the guy names I'm not crazy about. My fav boy names are David, Daniel, Caleb, Micah, Josiah, and Samuel. My fav girl names are Shiloh, Merit, Felicity, Harmony, and Mercy.