Monday, January 23, 2012

Great Movie

The Adventure of TINTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This movie is amazing! Me and my family went to the movies to see this sunday.
It was fantastic. You have to watch it!

Snowy (sue, if you watch it i think you would like snowy)
The Captain and Tintin
The Police officers Tompson and topmson. (i think they would be your fav sue)
Tintin and Snowy


  1. I actually loved that movie, and I thought I'd hate it! Tin Tin was the best! :)

  2. It's looks pretty good!
    We'll have to rent it the next time we come down!
    They look like the kind of characters I'd like! =)

  3. <3 that movie!!!!!

  4. We watched it last night. lol It was hillarious!!!
    <3 it
    <3 you
    see ya