Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Now-a-days Style

Ok, so all of my cousins and my sisters prefer the older style of clothes...I like the new style.
A while ago one of them did a 50's style post so I decided to shake things up a bit and do a post on now a days clothes. These are just a few that I like BTW. =)
I have it sectioned off like this: GIRLS, BOYS, WOMENS, and MENS
You probably wont like a lot of em but i do!


Taylor swift, I almost always love her dresses.

I'm not a Demi Lovato fan but she has some cute clothes.


cute again

I am really NOT a Selena Gomez but again...she has cute clothes.

Demi Lovato

Selena Gomez

Demi Lovato


Big Time Rush

I love Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bieber again with his hair cut, which btw looks alot better then his old hair.


Again, Justins hair lookes much better this way.

Justin Bieber yet again.


Natalie Portman always looks good. Even when she is pregnant. (which she is in this picture)

This might be my favorite dress of all time!

Love it Natalie, love it

I love the rose

Strange but I like Strange

Cute and simple

Me like

Kate Windsor.....who doesn't love her clothes!

I 'm just gonna call her Kate Middleton cuz it sounds better.

I love this dress

Great hat


Love the coat

Might be the best dress ever!

Sandra Bullock

Anne Hathaway


George Clooney

Guys always look good in a tux and tie. It's Clooney's best look

Johnny Depp. He dresses so so...Deppish! I love it!

Ignore the ugly beard, I have no idea what was going on in his head, this picture is for his hat.

Mr. Depp looking cool

Again, Brad Pitt has great hats.

Brad looks good in a suit too!

so, i still have plenty more. might do another post like this later.

what was your favorite in each catagory?

(you can't choose BTR in boys or Kate's wedding dress in women's)

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  1. Ok so I'm guessing those are all USA actors and actresses? Besides Kate. Anyhow-pardon me for not knowing my USA actors and actresses :-/ however I do know my British actors and actresses! :)