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Florence Nightingale Report

This is my first draft of my Florence Nightingale report.
It is 1,542 words long and takes up two and a half pages. Do you think it is good and do you think it wll take at least 5 minutes if I give it as a speech.

Florence Nightingale was born into a wealthy upper class family.
Florence was born on May 12th 1820 in Florence, Italy. Ms. Nightingale was named after this magnificent city. Her parents were Mr. William Edward Shore Nightingale and Mrs. Fanny Nightingale.
Her father’s last name was originally Shore but he changed his last name to Nightingale when his Uncle told him that he could inherit his estate and money if he did so. He eventually became the High Sheriff of the county.
By the age of five Florence’s yearly routine was set. They would go to their house Lea Hurst in Derbyshire, and the majority of the rest of the year at Embley Park. They would go at least twice a year to London. Florence and her older sister, Parthe, did not get along. They did not get along from the time when they were children to the time when Parthe was married.
Parthe demanded Florence’s attention and was very envious of her. Florence loved to learn and Parthe hated it. They were taught by a nurse maid but Parthe hated school so much she often made her cut the lesson short ruining Florence’s chances to learn. Florence found another way to study. She studied languages such as Greek and Latin with her father. She would often have very in-depth conversations with her father. Parthe resented the relationship between her sister and her father and often kept close to her mother. Much to Flo’s happiness, they were often separated and sent to visit different relatives. Her cousin Hilary would soon be very important to her.
The older Florence became the more she hated English society.
She did not want to be just a wife and mother as women were expected to be. She knew she had a different purpose. At the age of seventeen Florence Nightingale had a calling from God.
She knew he wanted her to do something for him but she didn’t know what yet.
Once when the Nightingale family was on their visit to London Florence started to realize how many poor and sick people there were. Florence started to visit these people and help them a little.
She found that when she did this she had a great satisfaction knowing that she had helped someone.
Is this what God meant for her to do?
This may have been what God wanted her to do but was most defiantly not what her mother wanted her to do. Her mother realized how different her daughter was from most young ladies her age. Her mother wanted her to get married. Florence was courted by Richard Mockton Milnes but he was eventually refused because Florence did not want marriage to interrupt with God’s plans for her.
Mrs. Nightingale was furious.
Florence prayed many times trying to figure out if this was her calling. One day she knew.
She announced her decision to become a nurse in 1844. Her family was outraged. Both her parents and her sister would not allow it. Back in the 1800’s upper class women did not work. It was for the low poor people. When a lady did work it was a disgrace for her family. Florence did not know what to do. She did not want to go against her family’s wishes but she also did not want to disobey God. She was greatly distressed. She wrote many letters to her cousin Hilary who gave her great support and advice.
She would not let up on her family. She was determined to become a nurse.
Finally, her father agreed to let her become a nurse. Her mother and sister were still furious. Florence moved out of the family house to be closer to the poor people. She also received a yearly income from her father. Florence was happy to be helping the sick but she knew she needed to do more.
So in the year 1851 she began her training as a nurse at the Institute of Protestant Deaconesses, in Kaiserswerth, Germany.
She was very happy learning there and improving her nursing skills. She also did a lot of traveling. She traveled to Italy, France, and even Egypt. In Egypt, she and her companions dressed in men’s clothing and entered the Temples women were not allowed to go into. If they had been caught, they would have been killed. She saw how sick the people were in Egypt and she could not stand to see them suffer, so she returned to her nursing school. Then England hit a disaster.
In 1854 the Crimean war broke out between Russia invaded Turkey. England and France were worried about Russia’s growing power so they rushed to Turkey’s aid.
Soon after the British soldiers arrived in Turkey, they became sick with Cholera and Malaria. Soon 8,000 soldiers were infected with these diseases. And many more were badly wounded. Florence knew that she must help the suffering men. So she and 34 other nurses that she had trained volunteered to work at the hospital for wounded soldiers. Florence and her nurses boarded a ship called the Victis and head for the hospitals in Turkey. The people in London already loved her; they even raised money for her.
When Florence Nightingale reached the hospital, she was disgusted. The hospital was in horrible condition. The floor tiles were loose, and the walls were damp. The soldiers were crammed into five small rooms. All of her nurses had to share one room. They even passed one of the rooms that had a decaying body lying on the bed! Trash was scattered everywhere, which was the perfect hiding place for the many rats that occupied the hallways. Even there sewage backed up. They only received a pint of water a day and their diet consisted on meat-flavored water.
These were not the only appalling scenes found in the hospital. The condition of the wounded was worse than the conditions of the hospital.
The men had missing arms, legs, eyes, and noses. Some were even missing their jaws. Their injuries were not properly bandaged but were merely covered with rags. Only a few were lucky enough to get beds and blankets. They had no new clothing for the soldiers so they were left in their rotting uniforms, which were often infested with lice. Every soldier was bathed every eighty days. Which would be approximately every three months. If that was not bad enough they were all bathed with the same sponge!
More Soldiers were dieing at the hospital then being saved. During her first winter there 4,077 soldiers died. At first Florence and her nurses were not allowed to help unless asked to by the doctors. The doctors never asked for her help. They did not like Florence and did not want her to change what they were doing. Eventually threw Flo’s powerful friends she was given charge.
She became known as “The Lady with the Lamp”. She got this name because she would make nightly rounds among the soldiers checking on them and she always carried a lamp.
One night when she was making her rounds she came across a soldier who had accidently skipped over. He had had a bullet stuck in his eye for several days.
Florence quickly made a new building for the hospital and added vegetables and actual meat to the men’s diets. She order much better medical equipment to take care of the soldiers. Within her first couple of months working there the death rate of men went down 43 percent!
She had very strict rules about what her nurses would wear. They were to wear a gray tweed dress, a gray jacket and a white woolen jacket. She did not want the men to be attracted to them.
The more she continued to work the more lives she saved but the more she put her life in danger.
One day she became seriously ill with Crimean fever. She became was delirious for weeks. They had to shave her head as a result of the unbearable heat the sickness brought.
As soon as Florence recovered from her fever she was back to work taking care of soldiers.
The Crimean war came to an end on March 30 1856. But it was not until July 16th when the last soldier returned home that Florence returned to England.
When she returned to England she was a celebrity. But Florence Nightingale wanted none of it, She wanted all the glory to go to God. Even Queen Victoria was in awe of Florence and wanted to meet her. Prince Albert designed a special broach for her.
Florence Nightingale knew how little everyone else knew about being a good nurse so she wrote a book called “Notes on Nursing: What Nursing is and what Nursing is Not”. It was an instant hit. She wrote many more books.

Slowly all of Florence’s friends and family died until she had no one left. Florence Nightingale never married.
She died alone on August 13th 1910 at the age of 90.

Florence Nightingale left an everlasting impression on people. She not only forever changed the hospitals of England she also allowed more women to get jobs.

Florence Nightingale was an amazing woman of God who will always be remembered and loved.


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