Friday, October 14, 2011

Stop Bullfighting

WARNING: This post may contain material that is disturbing to some viewers.


Bullfighting is animal torture! They bulls go through a slow aganizing death.The bull hardly ever dies right away, it usually dies slowly.The horses that are used are sometimes "doped up" and do not know what is going on because they are sometimes blindfolded. The horses are gored so much by the bulls that sometimes they have to be dragged out of the ring and away from the view from the crowd and are killed.

Lots of people will see pictures of the Matadors being gored by the bulls and will take the humans side saying that the bulls are hurting the humans. But the bulls are just acting in selfdefense. The are being stabbed and hurt, not to mention that they are hurt before the fight to get them angry.

Here is what happens in a bullfight.

Bullfighting is linked all the way back to Rome. Bullfighting began in spain and spread across Europe.
Bullfighting used to be done on a horse, you can still do that now but the way most people think of is the Matador on foot. On foot bullfighting was started in 1726. The Modern style of bullfighting has been credited to Juan Belmonte, who has been said to be the greatest bullfighter of all time.
In a normal bullfight there are three Matadors and each Matador fights two bulls. Of course they don't all go at once and they only fight one bull at a time. The Bulls are only four to six years old. Each Matador has six assitants. So that is seven people against one bull.

In the first stage of the fight the Matador pretty much just sizes up the bull. He tries to spot all of his strengths and weaknesses. In the next stage the Picador comes out into the arena, this is the man who rides out on a horse and carries the lance. The Picador stabs the bull with the lance just behind the morillo. Which is a mound of musles just behind his neck. This weakens his next muscles and spills the first blood.

In the next stage the Matador or the Terico de Banderillas take to sharped barb sticks and stab them into the bulls shoulders. This makes the bull angry and aggrovates it, it also weakens the bull furhter. The third and final stage of a bullfight is call "Terico de Muerte" which means the "third of Death". In this stage the matador comes out alone usually with a red cape. The red cape is in fact used to mask the blood. The Matador twirls around the cape which the bull attacks. They do this to tire down the bull so he will be easier to kill. The Matador will then use the cape to move the bull into position. He then takes his sword and stabs the bull inbetween the shoulders and into the aorta or heart.

The Matador.

The sword being stabbed into the back of the poor bull.

A slowly dieng bull.

A bloody bull.

(this website has videos of a bull fight, there are many other websites that talk about how horrible bull fighting is and how you can help to stop it)


  1. What got you so excited about bull fighting?

  2. Uh, I have hated it for a long time but Jon and I were talking about it a couple of days ago so I thought I would do a post about it.

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