Wednesday, September 28, 2011

20 things I LOVE

I have been tagged by my sister Juliana, (, to do a post on 20 things I Love. This will be hard to choose. goes.

1. Gymnastics!

2. Cool Cars

3. Tony Stark's House

4. This sink!

5. Brick bedrroms.

6. Magical fairytale forests.

7. Bamboo

8. When people help the poor and starving

9. Daydreaming

10. Bubble wrap! (and the sound it makes when you pop it!)

11. Star Wars!

12. First place blue ribbons!

13. Facepaint

14. Marbles

15. Water

16. Those black rimmed glasses that everyone wears and they don't really work.

They are just for looks. =P
( and the cool dorks who wear them. lol)

17. EVEN numbers!

18. Hands

19. Over the top clothes

20. the word LOVE

That was fun!

Now I tag my sister Alex at


  1. Oh cool that's a neet sink!
    I like odd numbers better!

  2. Yes I was going to say that sink is too cool!!

  3. Oh what does that picture have to do with marbles?

  4. That is not the picture I had for marbles.
    Some one must have hacked on my blogger account and changed.
    I have know idea how else that could happen.

  5. That sink is awesome!

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