Sunday, August 21, 2011

UUUUMMM......Glee Songs?

O.k. I'm a gleek.
Well, is it possible to be a gleek without ever watching an episode of out?
Because if it is then i'm totally a gleek! I love the songs and the singers!
They sing incredible! I have two glee songs on my playlist. I'm gonna get some more.
Unless its a Beatles song or a Queen song everything is beter when sug by glee.

ok listen, don't watch it. I was reading about the show and I think almost every episode is bad.
Their might be a couple that are not bad but don't watch them without...i don't know, if you wanna watch it just make sure you know that the episode is good. I haven't watched it and I probably won't. But i'm telling you not to watch the episodes. So if you watch them and see something bad don't blame me!
but listen to them sing! they sing so so so so so so so so so great.









  1. i don't like glee (not that i've ever watched it.) the ads don't look very appertising. about the songs, i never really have listened to them

  2. If I had to pick a fav it would be Finn becuase he sang one of my favorite songs.

  3. Kurt,Finn,Artie,Puck and Rachel are my favorites.

    the last song on my playlist is sung my Finn and Rachel. "Don't Stop Beleiving"