Friday, June 3, 2011

a VERY long post of the Beach house photos

A Very Long Post of pictures of the beach house.
I might do another post later. there are just to many photos! =)

Blueberry stuffed bananna with, mango, cinnmon,honey and cream. it was good

Jordan and Jordan

Jordan, Olivia, Mariah, and Jessicah

Mariah, The Grill Master




Kash in his sand car

Olivia and Jess making pizza

Carrie Tie dying

Mom, Susannah, and Aunt Noelle tie dying

Aunt Noelle with her shirt

I know this is aweful but IDK how to spell my own cousins name bt you pronounce it TEARNAN

Jess and Jon

Worlds coolest shoe


Love this photo of Jordan


The waves were crazy and came up so high. our car got stuck!

Mives eating rice...and yes...with tongs

Alex, sue and I looking a Magazine Ben bought...about Prince Harry! lol


Alex,me, Avery, and Sarah making up the oddest stories...we all needed sleep

The cup game

Jordan and Juliana

Football on the porch


Run for the Ball Mariah! lol, thought this was great

Jordan with Ben's surfboard

First morning at the beach house. I was the first one up

Look at my nails! I love them. My mom, my sisters and I all went to get them done for the graduation.


  1. Wow!
    You're fantastic. I love love the way you capture faces, and the sun ones are amazing - I'd frame them and I don't even like the sun that much... haha.
    Great pics.

  2. Oh That Was SO Fun!!!
    Great Photos! =)
    Sue! =D

  3. Thanks peoples!
    That was so fun. =)