Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My 16 Birthday

o.k., well I was helping my sister babysit on my birthday.
Yeah what a great way to start, no lol jk.
I had spent the night at the house we were baby siting at so I spent my morning there.
Around 10 my mom came and picked me up.
Once I got to the house I couldn't find anything to wear! It took forever.
I eventually wore my skinny jeans,my captain jack shirt, and my grafiti converse. Once I was dressed my mom,alex, and I went to Houston to go eat at the Macaroni Grill. I know it sounds gross but I was so good! There bread was in a square shape and had a weird herb taste to it.
Our waiters name was Wes ( he can write his name upside down! =P )
He was funny. He jokingly asked alex if she wanted a scotch. Well, I got a Caesar salad and Lasagna. Sorry to all those people who ever made me lasagna, but this was INCREDIBLE!
it was so soft. After we ate we went to the village and looked around at the stores. Alex got cheesecake from the Chocolate Bar. Then we went over to Red Mango. I was gonna get yogurt but they didn't have the kind I wanted so I got s smoothie. I didn't find any clothes in the village so we went to pearland...where i still didn't find any clothes. So Alex and I went to Charming Charlies where we both bought necklaces. They are so different. hehe
any way we went back to the Ward's house to pick up the girls who were still babysiting.
Then I went to my dads house, I'll just say I got 60 bucks from him. After that we came home.
Payton had gone to Hastings to rent the new True Grit so I could watch it, but when he got back he found out they put the wrong movie in the case! Agh! It was really close to closing time so mom jumped in the car to go get the right movie. So while she was gone Jeremy watched Bad Day at Black Rock.
During the movie Olivia and I are in the kitchen talking. We look at the stove and my sugarless brownies are smoking a little. Olivia said it was just the pam on the bottom of the pan.
So we kept talking and it kept smoking. I started to smell something funny. Then Olivia looks at the brownies and gaspes. She relized that they were siting ontop of the burner, and the burner was turn on! So she grabbed a towel and took them off, but as soon as she set them down they blew up! We both scram. Glass went everywhere. olivia had it in her leg, thankfully i was still in my skinny jeans. So we called mom and told her to get more sugarless brownies.
So when she got back I got my sugarless brownies and I got to watch True Grit. Which is WAY WAY better then the old one.

haha, crazy birthday


  1. Wow sounds rather exciting!!
    I really want to watch the new True Gritt!!

  2. Oh, poor olivia!
    Well, other than that, it sounds good! =)
    Sue! =D

  3. Sorry! But when you got to the part where the sugarless brownies blew up; I started laughing!
    So very sorry to Olivia!
    Hey, I don't think the new one could be better than the old one! But then again I haven't seen it.
    Sounds like you had a fun day!
    What movie did they accidently put in the case?
    I have been wanting to watch "Bad day at Black Rock". Did Jay like it?