Sunday, June 5, 2011

Movie Tag

This is a tag I got from my cousin.
You have to pick your favorite movies in each of these catagories.
But I cheated...not all of these are my many to choose a favorite.

Fantasy: The Chronicles of Narnia

War: The Great Escape

Drama: The Pursuit of Happyness

Family: Finding Neverland

Comedey: While You Were Sleeping

Sci-Fi: Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind

Romance: Becoming Jane

Adventure: Star Wars (all six)

Action: Inception

Animated: The Lion King

Musical: Singin in the Rain

Mystery: Shadow of a Doubt

Sport: The Karate Kid

Western: The Sons of Katie Elder

I tag Alex and Holly.


  1. Oh, great! Now I have to think of the answers? Help!

  2. Hello and Happy Birthday!!!
    Write me an E-mail about your day!

  3. Oh, and I like your post!
    I have only seen four of those movies.
    My favorite of the four would be "The Great Escape"