Monday, June 13, 2011

16 Things

O.k., I will post about what I did on my birthday later.
Here are 16 things I have to do before the year is over.

1. Make at least one really close new friend
(hopefully more)
2. Be vegetarian for at least two weeks
3. Begin to learn how to dance
4. Get a front flip, back flip, and flip flop by myself
5. Lose at least 10 pounds
6. Get a six pack =)
7. Become much more muscular
8. Take a Clep test ( or at least study for one )
9. Get over being shy
10. Read around 20 books
11. At least start to learn another language
12. Write my Pen Pals back more often
13. Find a way to make money =)
14. Began writing a story
15. Start a photography portfolio
16. Become much much much much better at gymnastics.

...OMG....that is a lot of numbers...!
I'm old!


  1. Well, I hope you get to do them all!
    Happy birthday!

  2. I would like to do most of those things too!
    Mostley 7, 10, and 13! (I would like 6 too!)

  3. Opps..sorry I mean Mostly****