Friday, May 27, 2011

A long post of my Sister's Graduation

Sorry for blurry, or bad quality photos, the building was so dark.
After party and the beach house next!

Graduating class of 2011...or should I say graduated class of 2011

i like this angle


Bekah, liv, and JonE

Bekah helping Olivia

getting ready


Payton was the MC

cool, right?

Kori did sign language

Erika was the class speaker

The guest speaker

Madison, Olivia, and Kori

The photograhper

Daniel, girl idk, micah, and erika

Micah and some one i don't know play guitars...sp

Daniel and some other girl singing

Nolan, mom, liv, and payton

the guy who said the prayer

Lighting their candles to go out

My fam

People at the food table

Olivia and the Newsom's

Olivia and Lincoln, one of my best friends

Olivia and I

Me and Jordan

Maegan and Me

Me and one of my best friends, Nikki

part of liv's table

Part of Olivia's Table

bread bowl

an orange lemon drink

The fish under the orange drink


  1. I love that gold fish!
    Olivia you look very pretty! So do you Ange!
    Those are good pictures!

  2. Good pictures Angelica!
    Late Congratulations Olivia!!!
    Sue! =D

  3. That was a nice graduation!
    I loved your dress Olivia!