Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Migration Celebration Photo Results

Last Friday was the Migration Celebration.
Mom, Payton and I went.
At first it was a little boring. Payton and I were some of the youngest people there.
Anyway, we walked around and looked at the stuff for the slient auction. Then Paytona nd I went to go look at the photos that the adults took. Because those were the only ones on display.
But there was a slideshow on the wall that displayed all the winning photos, kids and grown ups.
Payton and I stood and looked at it for a while but we got bored. So we walked off to find my mom but when I turned back around I saw my photo on the screen! 9the one of the mushrooms)
I was all like, That my picture! So we had to watch the whole slidshow again to see what I won.
I got three 1st places and a second!
After that everybody came and sat down and the announced the wnners. Since won so many first places I had to go up if fron tof everyone and get my ribbons and my picture taken. I also got a book by Kathy Adams Clarke. She was the guest speaker. She is a really good photographer, she has even had some of her photos in National geographics! Well, after she talked it was over and we left.

There is one more photo that got first place but I can't find it. I'll post it later.

No Place

No place

Didn't Place

Didn't Place

Didn't Place

1st Place

1st Place

2nd place


  1. Terrific!!!!
    Congratulations Angelica!!!

  2. Hi Angelica!
    I started following your blog about a week ago, and I really like it!!! I have a blog called Diamonds and Pearls and would LOVE another follower if you are interested!
    Bri xoxo
    P.S. Those photos are GREAT! :)

  3. I like all the bird ones best.

  4. My favorite one is the one with the White Ibis on the post.
    Good job! Awesome Pictures!

  5. Grat photos Angelica! =)
    I think they all should've won!<3
    My two favorites are the two that got first place!
    Sue! =D

  6. Thanks peoples!

    Hey Bri if you give me your blog address I would love to follow you.

  7. Awesome mushroom pic! I love how the ocean looks so distant yet really makes the picture. Beautiful, beautiful pictures!