Monday, February 7, 2011

Which way do you Like? Or do you like Both

Which way do you like your photographs? Do you like Black and White, Color, or both?
There are several other ways to take photos, such as sepia, but black and white and color are the two ways most people take their pictures.
I like them both ways. It depends on the picture and the photographer.
Some photographers take amazing black and white photos but their colored photos don't compare. Or it could be the other way around. While some people , most people can take their photos either or any way.

Some photos don't have the same impact if they are b/w or colored.
Some photos are perfect the way they are taken while other woulds have been better a different color.

I think black and white photos have more feeling to them.
I think colored photos catch your attention better and want to make you look at the photo more and longer.

Whenever your looking at photos from a competition you probably don't go straight to the black and white section because the beautiful colors in the other photographs catch your eye and you go that direction. Leaving the poor b/w pictures slightly overlooked.
(maybe you like bw photos better and are the other way around, but most people like colored)
BUT, if you go and look at the black & white pictures, if they are really good a lot of them will sort of reach out to you and give you this tingly feeling in your stomach. Mostly when ever the picture is extreme or a close up on a persons face. They just have so much more me any way.

Colored photos are amazing! They kind of just make you feel happy, unless they are of something sad. I normally like to take my photos in color more often, because I like to capture what I am taking a picture of really looks like. I like I said before colored photography is incredible they way it catches your attention. That is another reason why I like to take in colored.

I like both Black and White and Colored Photography.

I have never seen a photo of a tiger that I liked black and white.
I think if the animal has wonderful and amazing color the photographer should show it.
This photographer did that with the orange and black stripes of the tiger against the green leaves. It makes the tiger stand out.

This photo is incredible. Not only is the lighting and the expression on their faces great but the black and white color just adds to the AAAWWW.

The color in this picture is not very bright but it is great.
Her pink jacket really stands out against the white musky color back ground.
The pink gets your attention.

This is a great picture. And I love how it is in black and white. It just makes it all the better.
Like I have said so many times already it gives more feeling. lol.

I LOVE the color in this photo. The bright yellow lemon really stands out against the blue water.
It gets you to look at it and the colors are so bright and fun.
Its just a great photo.

See, to me this photo would not be the same if it were in color.
It just has more feeling and depth to it. It looks as if there might have been a storm coming and the light colors would not have made it as cool.


  1. I love the last two pictures!
    I like Color best but your are right, it does matter what picture it is.
    But I do like black and white too!
    I love Photography!

  2. I like color, but I love black and white!
    I really depends on what picture it is.
    That's one of the reasons I like my camera.
    Because I can change it to what I want after I take the picture! =)
    My two favorite pictures is the first and third ones!
    I like how the third one kind of looks like it's color in the front and black and white in the background! <3
    Sue! =D

  3. One of my favorite kind of photos are black and white with something in it that has color!
    They are so neat!

    That was a really interesting post, you should do more about photography!

  4. I love them both too! <3
    I love the picture of the girl in the mirror!
    And the one of the girl in the pink! :)

  5. Great post! I love the lemon picture for some reason.
    I like color pics best. But I do like some black and white pics too.