Thursday, February 3, 2011


I know I haven't really been keeping up on the blog challenge but I have an excuse.
Well lately it has been so cold at our house. And tuesday it was so cold and windy that the power went out!
They would stay off for hours then switch on for 15 minutes to a couple of hours.
It was horrible. So when I got home from gym the whole house was dark and I had to eat using the light from a cell phone. I thought that was pretty funny.
When we went to sleep the power was on so I got to sleep to the sound of the fan.
Which is really good because I wouldn't have been able to sleep if I couldn't hear and feel the fan.
Anyway, when we woke up the power was off and the house was freezing!
We had to cook on a littlw gas stove and we had a fire going. It was so cold out side that my fish were almost frozen! The top of their water was frozen stiff so I had to crack the ice and warm them back up. I freaked out but I saved them...just in time.
So the lights came on and off about two more times then we decided that after my brother got back from work we were going up to my aunts house in Nacogdoches. If we had stayed at the house we would have frozen. So we packed and almost left around dark.
Well before we left we went to check on my neighbors, while we were checking on the some of our friends went over to our house to bring us fire wood. So we went back over to our house and helped un-load the wood. After that we left. I listened to my ipod while warm in my new leather coat. It felt good. lol
Well once we got to Nacogdoches I pretty much ate supper and went to bed because by that time I didn't feel to great. Well I slept late the next morning and when I woke up I watched gymnastics videos on youtube. So me and my cousins and my sister alex played a board game called Loaded Questions. Affter that all the girls got my our van and went driving around looking at all the beautiful houses. We came home and ate supper and played more board games.
We just finished a couple of minutes ago and guess what! Its starting to sleet!
I'm about to go outside. It is supposed to snow a little later.
I can't wait!


  1. What an interesting couple of days!

  2. That was fun! :)
    Except for the power going off.....

  3. Your poor fish! );
    That game is fun!

  4. Oh, that was fun!
    I'm glad y'all came! =)
    My favorite part was when all of us sat around the table and played Catch Phase and Loaded Questions!
    Sue! =D