Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines Party

Ok. About two or three days after valentines day, my cousins came down and we had a Valentines Day party. It was Really fun.
Here are some pictures from it.

Brownies and heart marshmillows

Putting cards in each others boxes.

We are opening our valentines boxes.

Jeremy with a card

I'm helping Kash go through his cards.

Here we are playing the couple game.
It was really fun. Susannah is laughing at Olivias name tag.

Juliana and Olivia got Donald and Daisy Duck!

Nolan and Payton got the best couple. They got Prince William and Kate Middleton!

Jordan and I were a couple. We got Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.

Here we are playing the left and right pass the package game. I won a
bottle of bubble bath. =)

Here we are playing Sign. I love that game.

Olivia is in the middle. I have the sign behind her.

Jesse with her v-cards.

Olivia made a chocolate torte. It was so un-fair.

But these totally made up for it. They are sugarfree donuts that Jordan made.



The spaghetti sauce

I will do another know me post later.
(sorry the pictures arn't very good quality. The light didn't want to work that day. lol.)


  1. Oh that was so fun!!! =)
    Post some more pictures of the party! <3
    Sue! =D

  2. That was fun!
    We should do it again next year!