Sunday, January 16, 2011

Movie answers

Sorry it took a little while to post. =)

#1. Jurassic Park 2: The Lost world. ( Nick and bad guy)

#2. Narnia: the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (Peter Pevensie)
Guessed by India

#3. White Nights ( Niccoli)

#4. The Cosby Show (Olivia)
Guessed by Sarah
#5. Rocky II

#6. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

#7. Full House ( Jesse)
Guessed By Sarah

#.8 Rocky

#9. Narnia II: Prince Caspian ( Lucy and Peter)

#10. Rocky III ( Mickey)

#11. Tangled (Flynn Ryder)

#12. Rocky IV (Ivan Drago)

#13. I Love Lucy (Lucy)
Guessed by Sarah

#14. Rocky Balboa (Rocky)

#15. Narnia III: Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Edmund)

#16. Bewitched. (Endora)
Guessed by Alex

#17. How to Train your Dragon (Astrid)
#18. My Date with Drew ( I don't remember the names of the characters. lol)


  1. Oh well I din't get any!
    Hey what is White Nights?

  2. Haha.
    Out of all the movies you haven't seen which one would you want to see?

    White nights is about these guy, Niccoli, and he was a russian ballerina but he defected to America. He became a really famous ballet dancer in America and he went on a world tour. While they were flying over russia the plain caught fire and had to land. Which is not good because according to Russia he is still a citizen and is a criminal for leaving.
    Well, the Russians find him and put him under house arrest. Since he has become such a great and famous ballerina they want him to be a Russian dancer again.
    He has to live with these two people, Raymund and his wife. Raymund is an African-American who left America and became a russian citizen because America used to be a racist country.
    Well, Raymund has to get Niccoli back into shape and they become friends.
    Then they all three decide to defect to America. But they have to sneak out of Russia because if they get caught they could be thrown in jail or worse.

    It's a great movie. But it has some language. You have to know where it is.
    The Ballerina character is a real ballerina. One of the greatest if not the greatest.

  3. I wanted to guess.... =(
    I don't know which of those I think is the best...

  4. Hmm...I don't know if i'd like it or not?
    Sounds good!