Saturday, January 1, 2011

Its New Year

Well...its 2011. Happy New Year...

Last night my best friend and her family had a new year party.
It was really fun. My cousins went with us which made it even more fun.
We got there around 7:00. McCauley and a lot of other people were pkaying basketball.
Who ever wasn't playing basketball was eating...I did nither. lol.
After the Basketball game they played like 1000 rounds of tug-a-war. It was always girls against boys. The girls won the first sseveral rounds but then the boys got the Men to help them...which was totally unfair. lol.
Well, McCauley,Britney and I just walked around and talked forever. There was alot of people there that I didn't know so I got McCauley to introduce me. I met Ben, Jimmy, Josiah, Kayla...i think that was her name, Brandi, and I forgot the other girls name. haha.
I also helped Britney puppy sit her new little puppy she brought.
by this time Ben,Gramps, and Mr. Bullman were playing music and singing. Pretty much every body went over and sang with them. I got to hold McCauley's baby sister! She is beautiful!
Then Gramps talked for a while. I kept checking my watch and it would get closer and closer to new years. McCauley and I counted down the seconds. It was weird. The whole time I was counting down I was think O.k. I better enjoy these last few moments of 2010 becuase It will never be here again.
A few minutes after we went home. It was a lot of fun.

Happy New Year!

oh sisters forced me to wear make-up!


  1. don't you like make-up? I like it, except I'm not allowed to wear it until I'm 15 or something :)

  2. Forced you?!
    Oh come now!
    Admit it you liked wearing it a little! ;-D
    You were like the third one I said, well "mouthed the words" Happy new year to!

  3. Haha. No Holly I don't like to wear make-up.
    And yes Sarah, She said if I wanted my hair straight I had to wear make-up.
    I told her o.k. but only a mascara....that didn't happen. lol

    How old are you Holly?

  4. I was wondering the same thing, How old are you Holly? ;-D

  5. That was a lot of fun!
    That RipStik was really cool!
    Happy New year!