Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I need Hair Help

Well, almost everybody who comes to my blog knows what my hair looks like.
But for those that don't: MY hair is super-long (i can almost sit on it), its very thick and wavy.
I have been wearing it in a low ponytail and low braids for as long as I can remember.
I need a knew way to style it.

~it can't take a long time to style
~it can't have a lot of hair equipment
~it needs to stay out of my way. lol

It would also be really cool if I could find a knew way to do my hair for gymnastics. I wear it in a low braid.
I'm always stepping on it when I come out of rolls and kick overs. And sometimes when I'm on trampoline or bars it comes around and hits me in the eye! It doesn't feel to good. Haha

I love my hair I just needs a knew way to wear it. =)
Any suggestions? Thanks


  1. Have you ever tried putting it up in a bun? or is it to thick and long?

  2. Just cut it to look like mine! :P

  3. Jordan, don't give her anhy ideas!!! :P

    (Cause she'll do it)

  4. WELL! I guess you are going to have to give up gymnastics!!;o