Thursday, January 13, 2011

Homework Assignment

Well I got a Homework assignment that I need help with!

Well for my History class we had to read John Bunyan's allegory, "Pilgrims Progress".
It was a pretty good book, but a little bit of it was confusing. Anyway, our homework assignment is that we have to write our own Christian Allegory!

I have zero idea what to write about and how to write one!
I have to turn it in Tuesday so if have any ideas please comment quickly!

(BTW, I didn't procrastinate, I only got this assignment two days ago. =P )


  1. Oh, Its going to be about two boys, Jude and Judas.

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  3. Jude and Judas. Do you have a certain theme you want? I'd start with that. Like the moral of the story.

  4. Thanks for commenting Lindsey.
    I have come up with a moral/idea.
    I hope it turns out good. I'm probably the worst creative writer ever. lol.

    It's gonna be hard to make everything flow with the moral but oh well, as long as i get a good grade. =P

  5. My Mom didn't post a comment, I was just on her side.
    Well, I hope you do good! =)
    Sue! =D

  6. Hey! What did you decide to write about???
    Can't wait to read it :)