Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Night

Last night I had tons of fun.
We had a small party with my family and friends.
It was my family, Jordan, Sarah, Susannah, Brittney, and Haley. ( though are my cousins)
and the friends there were Nikki, Lincoln, Meagan, Brooke, Erica, Greg, and Jacob.
Erica, jacob, and greg are little kids. lol

Anyway. It was really fun. At first we were going to go to the beach but once we got there the mosquitoes were so bade we had to pack up and come to my house.
(those mosquitoes were the size of horses!) Well once we got home we had to hurry and clean are house so it would look ok for a party. lol. Outside a bon-fire was going and we were making hot dogs and hamburgers. For the healthy people who don't eat those we were making spaghetti inside. :)
Well we all hung out for a while, and Nikki, haley and I went on a walk were we saw a bear moster. lol
After we ate we had smores...well they made smores. I don't eat them. Then my we opened presents that Nikki bought for us. My present was the best. I got lots of socks, silly bandz, and a star wars t-shirt. Instead of buying them things we made them sweets and decorated mugs for them.

Well we hung out for a little while after that and then it was time for them to go. :(
it was really fun.


  1. What a fun way to spend time with friends and family! Glad you enjoyed yourselves :)

  2. That was a lot of fun!
    It was funny how Lincoln ran into that tree branch!

  3. it was a lot of fun.

    Yes Jordan, that was very funny. lol. But I kinda felt sorry for him because he was the one that was picked on the whole night.....but it was funny! lol :P

  4. Don't pick on my Lincoln!!
    The party was lots of fun...thank for having us :)