Friday, December 17, 2010

Frank Sinatra Songs

Here are a list of some of Frank's song and a little bit of info.

'I've Got You Under My Skin'
Sinatra first performed the song on the radio in 1946, but didn't record it until 10 years later as part of the 1956 album 'Songs for Swingin' Lovers.'

'Strangers in the Night'
The song won Sinatra the Grammy Awards for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance and Record of the Year, despite Sinatra's distaste the fact that he didn't like this song.
He improvised the doobi doobi doo part at the end of the song.

'Fly Me to the Moon'
This song was not written for Frank. But he made it famous.
He's version is the most famous.

'Come Fly With Me'
was written for Frank Sinatra by Jimmy Van Heusen

'My Way'
The song tells the story of a man nearing death, recounting his life and that he lived it without regrets.

'The Way You Look Tonight'
This song was origionally sung by Fred Astaire in the movie 'Swing Time'
Frank's version has been played in many other movies.

'Theme From New York New York'
This is probably Frank Sinatra's most famous song.
This song was first song by Liza Minelli in the movie "New York New York"
After Frankie's version it has become New York's song.
( link for a list of rank's songs)

What is your favorite Frank Song?


  1. You have never heard of Frank Sinatra!
    He is the best!

  2. Probably New York New York.?.

  3. Oh, and I do like This Town!

  4. I don't know my favorite, but I love him!
    Probably one the songs he sings in a musical!