Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Puppy Mills and Dog fights

Ok, so I was doing research for a paper I'm doing about Illegal orangutan pet trade, and I found the ASPCA website. I started reading stuff that was totally of subject of Orangutans. I started to read a about animal cruelty. Some of the stuff people do to animals is horrible. The two things that hurt me the most was Dog fighting and the Puppy Mills.

Puppy Mills:
In a puppy mill the breeding of unhealthy and genetically defective dogs just for profit. No thought goes into whether or not the dogs will come out healthy.Many times the dogs have eye ulcers and tooth decay, several times dogs have been found with rotting jaws. The puppies are often born with sicknesses and viruses. The put profit above the well-being of the dogs. Well the adult female dogs are bred constantly. As soon as she has a litter she is bred again as quickly as possible. The poor dogs are often bred until they die, but sometimes when she can't have any more puppies the female dog is killed. The adult dogs almost never get to leave the mill.
The puppies are kept on horrible conditions. They are either kept in over crowded cages or cages where they are by themselves and have almost no human contact. The cages are have nothing covering the hard metal of the cage. The crisscross patterns on the cage mess up the puppies paws. They use these cages so they don't have to clean out the puppies cage. These cages are often stacked on top of each other. In the summer the poor dogs are burning because of the metal, and in the winter the dogs are constantly freezing. They normally sell these puppies to pet stores. The Pet Stores usually don't know that they are buying puppies from the mills. It has been estimated that there is 4,000 puppy mills in America, and the produce over half a million puppies a year. Missouri is said to be the state with the most puppy mills. If you want to read more you can go to these website.
( WARNING: on the prisoners of greed website some of the things they mention were so horrible I couldn't post them) I post about dog fighting later.

Inside a Puppy Mill


  1. How terrible! I hope there's nothing like that in Australia! (you know what, I bet there is)

  2. That is terrible!
    Why aren't they arrested?! sp?
    Isn't it againts the law????!

  3. I think it is Illegal but for some wrid reson some people can't be arrested. I don't get it.

    They have them in North America, Australia, and Europe. And probably more places.