Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pictures from the Renaissance Festival

Here Payton and I bought necklaces. you can also see Susannah and Juliana aka Jon or JonE

Jesse again standing in front of the arena.

Olivia, alex, and I

Nikki,Jeremy, and Susannah rode an elephant!

Susannah Chill'in

Jacob a.k.a Jakejake

Jeremy eating his sausage on a stick...yuck.

Kash, Jeremy, Lincoln and Payton. ( kash is on payton and jeremy on Lincoln)

Kash riding the ponies.

My sister Jessica.

The French cut the Brit's throat! haha ( if you can't tell I was going for France)

They both ended up on the ground.


The Knight from Engalnd...Boo! :P

They praticed jousting rings first.

I met Boba Fett!

Sarah, alex, meagan, olivia, nikki, me, susannah, juliana, payton, jessica, kash, and jeremy.
( my mom and aunt are taking the picture.


  1. That was an awful picture of me!
    That day was sooo fun!!!!!!

  2. Looks like a FUN time out! Great pictures! :)

  3. Thanks Holly.
    It was really fun. I can't wait until your class has to go, alex.