Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today we went to the Houston museum.
Sadly I didn't have a camera. the first hing we did was go to the butterfly room. I LOVED IT!
The plants, water and the butter flies were beautiful. I was very made the whole time because I could have gotten so many pictures. Jesse loved identifying the butterflies on the chart. We also looked at a bunch of bugs. There were cockroaches as big as my little finger!
It was so gross and awesome at the same time. lol. Then we went to the Imax and watched a thing on Dinosaurs. The room was a dome and the movie was on th ceiling. It was really weird.
The whole thing was about evolution and the animation was horrible. Alex and I were laughing at it. hehe. anyway afterr that we went to the Museum part of it. We went through the whole thing, it was fun. Alex's favorite part of the Museum is the stone room. They are so prety and the jewelry is so pretty. It was funny, we almost went to the zoo and in the part with the stuffed animals alex said, instead of going to the zoo to see these animals alive we come here and see them dead. I laughed. Well now we are ordering Chilis. thats all for now.

p.s. I will post pictures of rocky later. to many pictures on the page right now.


  1. I LOVE the stones!
    It really was kind of strange to see the stuffed animals when we almost went to see the exact same animals living!

  2. Hahahahahah. Alex. That is funny. Really. It is.

  3. I want to see pictures of the museum and stuff!
    It sounds really fun!
    I think I've been there before, cause I remember the stone room with all the crystals and things, and I also remember a big room of butterflies, with plants everywhere and a path to walk on!
    It was fun! =)
    Sue! =D

  4. OOOH I remember the jewel room I think that's my favorite part!!!
    Sounds fun!
    Why did y'all watch a show about evolution??

  5. Yeah that is fun!!!
    I love the butterfly part!
    That is strange, how y'all watched that on the ceiling.
    How did y'all sit?