Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Well I couldn't think of anything to post so I thought I would do the movie thing.

1. Character 1: You just watch yourself. Were wanted men on 10 systems.
Character 2: I'll Be Careful

2. Character 1: Looks like just in the nick of time.
Character 2: A couple of minutes ago wouldn't have been so bad ether.

3. but John, If Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don't eat the tourists.

4. We never rush, we hasten...Out of my Way!

5. Let me get this traight. You know her, she knows you. But she wants to eat him..and every one is ok with that!

6. Oh I see, oh this is going to be easy.

7. All right I'm going inside. You can stay here and watch for sharks.

8. Porthos, don't listen

9. Wouldn't a fly swatter be easier?

10. Character 1: Lut us hurry, there is nothing to fear here.
Chaacter 2: thats what scares me

11. Do I look like a mail man?

12. Look what youve done! I can't believe what youve done!

13. I will, and I'll return...I promise.

14. Now lets see who's behind the mask.

15. I trust my Barber.

16. Yeah about 99 percent

17. Soon we will have revenge

18. I look forward to seeing them in action

19. Don't worry nobody will even notice us coming in.

20. I'll not leave you here, I'v got to save you.

21. You said somethingswrong with mom and we have to find out what!

22. Africa! that ain't gonna fly!

23. Look this guy is at least four hundred years old.

24. How many planets are there?

25. Yeah you know its not a big gift of course.

I know thats more then 20 but I wanted to put more.
whew long post. lol


  1. #9 is Karate Kid
    #13 in Star WArs episode 5
    #16 The Great Escape
    is #19 from the Prince Of Egypt?

  2. yeah you do. I put some on there because I knew you had seen them. i spelled some words wrong again...ugh

  3. Ahhh. They are all so familiar but I can't put my finger on 'em. I think I know a couple but I'm not gonna say...

  4. ANGELICA!!!
    How could you post such hard thing! =P
    number ten sound very familiar to me! =)
    So do some of the others, but I just don't know! =D
    Sue! =D

  5. Just a heads up sue, you don't know number 10.
    Here are the ones that you would know.

    22,21,4, and 1.

  6. 4 Sounds so familiar to me!!!
    It's funny I really like that line!!!
    Come on give us a hint!

  7. It has an actress you and alex really like in it.

  8. 1. Star Wars 4
    idk is 22. Madagascar 2?
    5, 20, and 2 Sound really familiar!
    Well thats all.
    Oh yeah I am going to put my answers on my blog really soon!