Saturday, July 3, 2010

Poor JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well yesterday I went to the orthodontist yesterday. The ortho is up in houston.
Well i'm geting braces on Jult 12th. Anyway, while we were up in houston Juliana cut er foot on a broken mason jar in the back yard! OUCH! Alex told me that when Jon cme inside it sounded like she was laughing more than crying. So she didn't know what happened until she looked. Juliana bled through 5 bath towels! 5!
They tried to call me and mom in houston but we couldn't here he phone. So they called Nolan and he went from work and took her to the Hospital.
So when they finally got ahold us, mom was all like talking so serious and kept asking how bad sh was hurt,try to stop crying and stuff like that. I didn't know what she was talking about, so I was kinda freakin out. By the time we got down to the Hospital Juliana and Nolan were already there. Her foot was already bandaged up and she was in a wheel chair. When I saw her in that wheel chair my stomach lurched.
Well Nolan and I waited in the waiting room forever! So we went to Academy to tell Payton what happened. It took forever to find him, we had to have the manager guy call him. Well thats all I'll blog right now. Im sure Jon will post more.



  1. Oh that's just offal!!
    Where were y'all when they called??

  2. Hm. Your point of view was fun to read. You poor thing. that would be really scary to hear people talking about blood and hospitals and not knowing what was going on. I will be posting more on my blog tonight or tomorrow. With pictures!