Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Poor bird...again

Yep, poor Bird. But this time it wasn't Marie..it was Marcuss.
Well yesterday somebody put the birds out side. But who ever put them out there for got to bring them back inside when it was night.
So the birds spent the night outside. This morning we went outside and the cage door was opened. I pulled the towel off the cage and my poor Marcuss was missing. And Marie was huddled up in the corner. There are two wooded poles that they like to sit on, and one of them were chewed on and it was laying on the floor of the cage. And their water was spelt everywhere. I think my neighbors dog took my poor Marcuss.
He has tried to get Marie, thats why i think it was him. Then I noticed the bottom of the cage had ants all over it. So I had to take the cage and spray it with the water hose to kill all the ants. Well, I guess thats all.



  1. Poor you! ='(
    I'm so upset, I loved them both! =(
    Well, at least he didn't get both of them! =)
    Are y'all going to put them outside anymore?
    Sue! =D

  2. I am so sorry Angelica! :-(

  3. Yeah at least it wasn't both of them. But Marie still doesn't have a tail! And we will have to put them outside sometime. They can't stay out of the sun forever! lol.
    Thanks Sarah.