Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Awesome Best Friends!

Well yesterday my awesome best friend McCauley and Shelby gave Juliana and I a late/early birthday. Well they got here around eleven. We all talked for a little while then Shel,McC,Jon,Liv,Alex, Jess and I all got in their car and drove to the beach. We went to quintana beach. ( IDK how to spell it right) We got the food and had a little picnic at the tables. We had sandwiches and fruit. It was cool because McCauley had taken a watermelon hollowed it out and filled it full of strawberries,kiwi's,peaches and plums.
After we ate I had to go back to the car to brush my teeth because of my braces. I brushed in the parking lot. lol. After that we went down to the water. We walked a little ways down, collecting shells and just talking. Oh, and McCauley sang some of the songs she liked. Well we stayed there for a while then went back to pack up the car. McC and I grabbed the ice chest. It was kinda heavy. But nither one of us had shoes on and the wood was hot! So we were like practically running with the chest to the car. We went to the Thomas's house to change clothes because we were going to the mall. On the way we played tap tap revenge on Shelby's phone. McCauley won both times. =/ =P

McC had given me a 15 dollar gift card to Claires, so thats where we went first. We looked around for a while. I saw lots of stuff I liked but I didn't buy anything. They sat down at one of the tables while McCauley and I went into Rue 21. There we found out that we had big differences in shoe,jewelry, and clothes and what not. It was pretty funny, cause we would both find some thing we liked and then look at each other like are you sure you like that. After that McCauley bought some prestzel bits and we all went to the Foto Both. McCauley,Alex, and I took pictures together and Jon, Shel, Liv and Jess took pictures together. It was really fun. I have one in a picture fram on my dresser right now. After that we went to the theaters to see Dispecable Me.
There wasn't enough seats on one row so me and mc sat on the opposite side. We saw their friends Starling and Jacey there. After the movie Nolan picked up alex,jess and I and took me to gymnastics while the other girls went out to eat. At gymnastics I did two back flips into the foam pit! It was really fun. Then we went to Hastings. Tie guy was there. lol nm. We looked at books and rented movies. I rented Rocky. It was a good movie. Well I bought McCauley a chocolate bar for a late 16 b-day present. Then we went home. I ate Olivia's left overs and watched Rocky. Then went to sleep at around 1:30. Well thats it.



  1. WOW sounds like a BLAST!!! :-D
    What is tap revenge?
    When are you going to post a picture of your braces?
    AWSOME you did two back flips??!
    I just have to come and watch you some time!!

  2. Really cool!
    I wish I could be there!
    Sound like FUN!!! =)
    Yes, what is tap revenge?
    Great job in gymnastics!
    Where did they go for dinner?
    Sue! =D

  3. Her back flips were cool!
    They went to Johnny Carinos!

  4. Tap tap revenge is a game, uuummm, Idk really how to explain it. Have you ever seen anyone play guitar hero?
    And I am going to post a picture of my braces when Juliana uploads it onto the computer.
    Just come next time!