Monday, July 12, 2010

Just got my braces!

AAAHH! Just now got my braces! Just got home from getting them.
Well, they are Navy Blue and as if right they are tearing up my left cheak! lol.
I'm gonna try and post a picture later. Well we got there at about 9:30 and I went into the braces place with Dr. Mayer while mom and Alex waited in the waiting room. Well first He put this thing that looked like a torture machinein my mouth to hold it open. I felt very stupid. He put this sand like stuff all over my teeth. Nasty nasty nasty. Then he took this little water squirty thing and this air sucker. He sprayed all the sandy stuff off with the water and then sucked up all the water/spit out of my mouth. Nasty again. Then he took this thing ( I couldn't see what it was really) I think it was glue, he coated my teeth with it and it was the nastiest thing i put in my mouth today. So he put all the brackets on this tray and put it on my teeth. but since Dr. Mayer was a student Dr. Steven had to come over and show him how to take the tray off while keeping the brackets on. Then Dr. Steven left because he had his own pateint. Dr. Mayer told me to close my mouth ( which is very hard to do with that thing holding your mouth open) And he saw that my brackets would pop off if I closed my mouth to hard. So he took almost all the brackets off!!!!!!!!!!!! But Dr. Don had to show him how to do that. I still had the glue on my teeth so Dr. Mayer had to take this drill like thing and drill off the glue. It hurt. It felt like some one was stinging my teeth with a freeze ray. lol. He left to go get some more and I sat in the chair be myself for almost 30 minutes! I took that oppertunity to try and sleep. So he put more on...then he had to take them off again for the same reason. But Dr. Grant came over and put them on since he is not a student and could go faster. But this time I had Dr. Mayer, Dr. Grant, Dr. Steven and Dr. Don all standing over me looking into my mouth. And these guys are all like six feet tall! It was weird. Dr. Grant kept puting these cotton pads in my mouth and I didn't know what they were for. So finally All the Doctors left except Dr. Mayer, he was puting in the wires when ...another bracket fell off. So he got that one on pretty fast. When i chose the colors they didn't have black or blue so I went navy blue. By this time we were the only ones in the building. Dr. Mayer showed how to flowse,brush, and wax my teeth with the braces on.
then mom, alex and I went to a french restroaunt and got food to go. It was hard to eat. But we had to get home fast so mom could take Juliana to the hospital to get her stitches out.
Well I'm glad I got them but it was pretty interesting getting them.



  1. Wow it seems alot longer when I read about it, then when we were at the house.

  2. YIKES!!!! Horrible!!!! You poor girl!

  3. :( 3 hours........
    lol..... sorry!

  4. Yeah Alex you just had to add that part in. lol

  5. Great! My daughter just had her braces a few months ago. Well at first, she was so embarrassed wearing them. But after a couple of months or so, she's now proud of wearing them, and she's excited to see how her teeth would look like, soon!