Monday, July 26, 2010

#1. A New Hope ( Luke Skywalker and Drunk man )
#2. Spider-man 3 ( Harry Osborn and Peter Parker)#4. Princess Diaries 2. ( the Queen )
#3. Jurassic Park ( Ian Malcolm )
#5. The Lion King ( Timon )
#6. Revenge of the Sith ( Obi wan Kenobi)

#7. The Little Mermaid ( Ariel )#11. The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ( Mutt Williams )

#8. Finding Neverland ( James Barry)#12. The Last Crusade ( Henry Jones )
#13. The Empire Strikes Back. ( Luke Skywalker)

#.9 Karate Kid ( Daniel )#10. Raiders of the Lost Ark ( Indiana Jones and native)
#14. Spider-man 2 ( Harry Osborn)
#15. Spider-man ( J. Jonah Jameson)

#16. The Great Escape ( Hilts)#17. Attack of the Clones ( Obi Wan Kenobi)
#18. The Phantom Menace ( Darth Maul)
#19. Prince of Egypt ( Moses)
#20. Return of the Jedi ( Luke Skywalker)

#21. The Incredibles ( Dash)#22. Karate Kid ( Dre Parker) ( Sorry if this one gets cut off)
#23. Madagascar ( Skipper)
#24. Pursuit of Happyness ( Will Smith)
#25. Father of the Bride ( George Banks)


  1. Oh well I got one!
    That was hard (probably because I only knew 4)
    Well good post!

  2. I would like to know how spider man got out of that!?
    And also Jordan saw it, that in Father of the Bride, the father has the same name as the father in Mary Poppins!

  3. I could tell you if you don't mid it being given away. Yeah I know, its funny that they have the same name.
    And in the Kid in the Pursuit of Happyness is the same kid in the Karate Kid. Also the actors name is Will Smith and that is his real son. And County from Kit Kittridge is his daughter and his wife plays Gloria the hippo.
    But If I had seen the Rocky movies befor I did the movie thing I would have done them.

  4. Yes give it away!!
    That's funny!