Monday, June 21, 2010

Yesterday was Jeremy and Jesse's birthday!!!!!! my little bro and sis are ten years old! AAAHHH! lol. Any way. Yesterday for their birthday they had a little party/fathers day thing at one of my aunts house. Jeremy got a remote control and 3 games for the Wii, and Jesse got a purse,a headbande,glasses,a toy animal and candy. They also both got 20 bucks. My Aunt gave me and Alex her two birds. So now Alex and i have parakeets. Hers name is Marie and My parakeets names is Marciss. The are yellow and green. Anyway back to the twins b-day. After that we went home and my mom took the twins out to eat at Shang Hei. While they were gone we wrapped more presents and set up pound cake and strawberries. When they got home Jesse was so happy to see her little surprise. Jeremy got twenty thousand leagues under the sea,and art supplies. Jessica got a night gown,some sorta princess painty thing, and a princess cook book. Then we all sat down and watched Free Willie together.
well thats all for now.



  1. I bet she was happy! :-)
    Sounds really fun!
    Where are y'all keeping your parakeets?

  2. Oh boy! =)
    That sounds fun!!!
    Where are y'all keeping the parakeets?
    AH! I just realised that I asked the same thing as Sarah did well never mind cause Alex already answered that question! =P
    What kind of pound cake was it?
    Sue! =D