Thursday, June 3, 2010

Well BLAST just ended. We have this giant water slide and almost every one is on it.
I'm not going to do it though. Yesterday we went to the beach. Ick. LOL
But guess what! Are A/C is not working! It is so stinkin hot in the house. Tonight Juliana and I are going to the McCrackens to sleep there. Tuesday was gymnastics and that was realy fun. There are only two other girls in my group.
Just a few more days intil I'm 15.



  1. Ahhh, but you did, you did! You did go on the slide! =) Was it fun??? I thought the beach was fun!!! =) Well, now your A/C is back on and you can be very thankful to God for that! =D Well happy early birthday Angelica! Keep up the good work on you blog Angelica! Your doing great! =)
    Sue! =D

  2. We're always at the beach! lol!
    4 more days................ =)