Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Man, I haven't posted in a long time. =P
Well Since I posted last the twins have had a birthday party.
Jeremy's theme was Jeff Corwin and Jesse's theme was a spring party.
At Jesse's party The painted, baked cookies, and made sand art.
Jeremy and his party looked for snakes, watched a Jeff Corwin DVD, and played capture the flag. They both got lots of presents but I can't remember what they got. LOL.
Jesse had a chocolate cake with sunflowers on top and Jeremy and a cake that was shaped like a cake. After that the party went to the rec center. But Jordan and I stayed home. The next day was are piano recital. That was ok. The Newsoms were down for all of this. =) I watched half of Gone with the Wind, with the Newsoms. It was pretty good. We also watched Free Willy 2. Mom is getting The third one tonight.We also went to the beach while they were down. Ti was funny. Because Suzanne came to the beach and took some of us home while the others stayed at the beach. We also went to the Lake Jackson rec center. Juliana,Olivia, Sarah and I didn't go swimming. We just sat in the snack room ate beef jerky, a snickers ( olivia had that) some other sorta thing, and drank orange while we talked. I found two penny's that were face up on the ground. So I asked Sarah to hold onto them for me. Just two seconds after she held th e "lucky penney's" her shoe broke. LOL
IDK if I already posted this or not But Emily Davis got married. If not I'll post about it later. =)


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  1. When I saw about the rec I just knew you would say something my shoe!! :-P
    Oops you said Jeremy got a cake shaped like a cake!
    Who was your favorite person in GWTW?