Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Well, BLAST just ened. I'm not happy about that. Because now that BLAST is over (and h.i.s) I won't get to see my friends!!!!! Well I have a head ache right now. Grrrrr.
Anywhoo, BLAST was really fun. First we took a test. Which i don't think I did that bad on. It was pretty easy. And if we dressed up and entertained we got 10 extra points! So I did that. There was alot of food at the feast we had. Here is what I can remember: meat pie,honey bread,smoked fish,bread,3 things of chicken with rice,soup,chicken,crackers,cake, and turkish delight. Oh! and grapes. those were good. =P Well after that some people entertained. Haley,Katie, and Stormy sang a song,Cooper played the piano,Zach did some weird juggley thingy with sticks,Alfred juggled, and I played the Piano. Then we played games. Everyone went outside and we did bobbing for apples. I didn't do it though cause I didn't want to get wet. nikki went down to do it then Lincoln sneeked up behind her and dunked her head in!!!!! Her whole shirt was wet. It was so funny. But what wa even funnier was when Cooper got Lincoln. Lincoln went down to do it and Cooper came up behind him and grabbed the bucket and tumped the whole thing on top of Lincoln!!!!!!!!!! It was like the funniest thing ever. Then people fenced with painted tips. The paint was yellow. Then every one came inside and Haley taught every one the virginia reel. It was funny. Several people fell. Then class ened. =(
So I have a headache and I am waiting for it to 7:15 so I can be at gymnanstics class!!!! I missed it last week because we were camping. =/ But I get to go this week!!!!! IDK what I'm doing intill then.



  1. The dance was very interesting..........=)
    It was really funny!

  2. LOL that is funny I wish I was there to see it!
    What kind of dance is that?
    That dinner sounds really good it's making me hungry!