Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hey Peoples,
Right now I am watching TV. Today we went to Kemah.
It was pretty fun. First we went to a toy store. It was a pretty cool store. It was connected with another store. Then we went to this really cool candy store. It had lots of toy animals in it too. It had a stuffed giraff that was about the size of a real baby giraff. It was hand made in Germany and it cost a couple thousands dollars! I don't remember how many thousands though. We stayed in that room for a little while. Jesse bought a pair of sunglasses and a pencil. Jeremy and Jessica both won toys. And then we ate at chilis.
Right now I'm reading a book about Steve Irwin. its called "Steve and Me". I'm not very far because I just started reading it. Well thats all fornow.



  1. How did they win them???
    Sue! =D
    P.S. I like your blog too!